Sorghum Sudangrass

West Gaines Seed, Inc. grows and packages our own variety of Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrid, known around the world as SWEET GRAZER PLUS. It is the standard of the industry. With the combination of sweet stalks and juicy leaves coupled with fast regrowth and high tonnage SWEET GRAZER PLUS is ideal for direct grazing or hay.

SWEET GRAZER PLUS has a long history of excellent yields and high quality. It works well for silage, green manure, or simply adding organic matter back to the soil. With its foliar disease tolerance it is well-adapted to many climatic regions of the world.

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    Excellent Vigor
    Dark Green Color
    Small Seed
    Fine Stem
    Low Water Requirement


    Plant at 60° F soil temperature
    Plant 1″-1½” depth
    Planting Rate Dryland: 15-40 lbs. | Irrigated: 30-60 lbs.
    Cut for hay approximately 45-60 days or at first boot stage.
    We do not recommend horses grazing this hybrid.


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