Weathermaster (Beardless)

Proven Performer
More Information
  • Good for grazing and bailing
  • Workhorse variety
  • Widely adapted
  • Good yielder
  • Very versatile
  • Medium early maturity
  • Good standability
  • Planting Rates: Dryland - 40-70 lbs./acre | Irrigated - 70-90 lbs./acre | Heavy Grazing - 90-110 lbs./acre

AgriPro® SY Razor (Beardless)

Silage, Hay, Graze and Grain
More Information
  • Multipurpose awnless variety for fall grazing, hay, silage or grain
  • Fast establishment and rapid growth for early grazing and heavy stocking rates
  • Fall grazing potential eclipses Fannin
  • If planted early, be sure to graze in the fall

AgriPro SY Drifter (Bearded)

Consistent Performance in Tough Conditions
More Information
  • Dual Purpose with a good disease package
  • Moderate tolerance to Leaf Rust and Soil Borne Mosaic Virus
  • Best adapted to southwest Oklahoma and the Hwy 287 corridor in Texas
  • Medium maturity and height
  • Exclusive to West Gaines Seed

AgriPro SY Grit (Bearded)

PostRock Genetics – Only Better
More Information
  • Yield leader – even in tough, dry conditions
  • Widely adapted across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Medium early maturity
  • Good disease package and good straw length
  • Maintains height with good drought tolerance

  • Susceptible to low pH soils with high aluminum levels

New! AgriPro SY Sunrise (Bearded)

New Yield Levels on the Horizon
More Information
  • High yielding irrigated wheat
  • High tillering, semi-dwarf plant type with good straw strength
  • Good disease tolerance to Strip, Leaf, and Stem Rusts
  • Excellent test weights with good winter hardiness
  • Med-late maturity, medium maturity in northern areas of adaptation

New! AgriPro SY Wolf (Bearded)

The Heavy Residue Champion
More Information
  • Maintains green leaves for grain fill under high disease pressure
  • Performs well in all management systems; excels in heavy residue
  • Excellent overall disease tolerance, good straw strength and winter hardiness
  • Good tillering, drought tolerance, test weight and shattering tolerance

AgriPro TAM 111 (Bearded)

Proven Performer for the Plains
More Information
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Versatile and widely adapted grower favorite
  • Stands up well under high-input environments
  • Performs well under dryland or limited irrigation
  • High test weight
  • Shatter resistance, good straw length
  • Excellent silage production for dairies and beef operations

New! OGI Bentley (Bearded)

Yield Stability for Dryland Wheat Production
More Information
  • Yield stability in drought-stressed environments
  • Good forage production with excellent recovery from grazing
  • Late first hollow stem but medium heading offers extended grazing without delaying harvest
  • Non-Duster derived lineage offers genetic diversity to reduce production risk
  • Moderately tolerant of acid soils
  • Moderate resistance to Barley Yellow Dwarf
  • Test weight is below average, so timely harvest of Bentley is important
  • Bentley has intermediate resistance to most foliar diseases and is likely to tolerate light to moderate disease infection but will require a fungicide in years with heavy disease pressure

New! OGI Iba (Bearded)

Duster Parentage with Outstanding Test Weight and Broad Area of Adaptation
More Information
  • Late maturity with winterhardiness and reduced susceptibility to spring freeze
  • Very broad area of adaptation with proven yielding ability in performance tests from Kansas to Texas
  • Resistant to current races of leaf rust
  • Moderately resistant to Stripe Rust, powdery mildew, tan spot, and BYDV
  • Resistant to Wheat Soilborne and Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Viruses
  • Iba is best suited for soil pH of 5.5 and above
  • Adequate nitrogen fertility required to ensure acceptable grain protein

WestBred® WB-Cedar (Bearded)

More Information
  • Excellent yield potential and straw length
  • Very good Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance
  • Good shatter tolerance
  • Early maturity to avoid heat
  • Good Hessian Fly resistance

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